I came back to Duluth several years ago, with a sense of curiosity about the Nothern landscape and big lake. I wanted to paint it, and soon realized that painting the lake might take me in directions I had not imagined. I found my work becoming more abstract, less detailed, and ultimately much more emotional, graphic, and expressionistic. The challenge of small paintings about the lake led to the seagull pieces. The lake's strong moods suggested my old icon, the moon, and in the end I found the minimalist moon-rise reflected on water embodied much of what I wanted in very simple terms. The boreal forest has it's own magic. Playing with that brought me to yet further exploration of the woodland/lake mystery, reminding me of the Weiner Werkstadt woodcuts I loved years ago, and even some of Grimm's Fairy Tales. The seeds of the new can be seen in the giclees of the earlier pieces. I am so grateful for this unusual opportunity to look back and forward in one exhibit.