Karin grew up in Minneapolis and received her BFA in glass working from St. Cloud State University in 1986. After blowing glass in Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Karin found herself in West Virginia. She began to make clay work and pit fired it in her yard and was hooked. She moved to Carbondale, Illinois and did graduate work in ceramics there. She received her MFA in 1996 and moved to Duluth at the end of 1997, and presently works at the Duluth Art Institute, teaching and making work. Karin's pots are thrown and built with red earthenware, fired to bisque, then glazed in a white opaque tin-based glaze. Next she mixes over-glaze colors of stains and carbonates with the same basic glaze ingredients and paints them on top of the glaze, and fires the pots again to finish them. This is the Majolica process. Karin loves to work with the rich red clay as well as the connection it has to historical Spanish, Italian and Mexican pottery. Painting on the pots allows her to explore color and form relationships between decoration and the pot, and the low-fire process gives a wide palette to work with. The imagery is drawn from the garden and the woods, fish, cooking, and eating... all connected things!