Ken Kollodge has lived and photographed throughout Alaska for 30 years. He is best known for his exquisite color photography of pristine Alaska landscapes and wildlife, brilliant close-ups of flowers, berries and the Alaska tundra. However, the range of his work goes beyond the beauty of Alaska. Ken developed an abstract color show, “Iced Light,” and is continually adding to his black & white image collections: Italy, Musicians, Humor, and 2nd Amendment Issues.

Ken is a straight photographer striving for high sharpness and contrast following the genre of Ansel Adams. Color images are presented in a way that makes the viewer feel a part of the scene. Ken has an intuitive sense for selecting the best lens to accomplish that and then prints to large sizes appropriate for the grand Alaska landscapes. Ken relies on classic composition and makes his photographs without color filters. He has created his images with three different film formats: 35mm, 6×7cm and a 4×5 inch view camera along with a full-frame Canon Digital SLR System and the real gem, a Leica M9 digital with several Leica APO and ASPH lenses.