Color, pattern, and imagery all strongly influence the physical experience of an object. Seeking avenues of meaning that embody both form and surface and keeping those issues in balance is the challenge. I am curious about the emotional response decoration triggers. And, I am interested in how glazed surfaces, being the last layers of information added, are capable of affecting form. Glaze decoration becomes analogous to clothes or costume with bits of exposed clay flesh.

I am interested in the potential magic an object can solicit curiosity or project. When the conversation emanating from a teapot has the ability to solicit curiosity or questions then a dialogue is put in motion between the viewer and the piece. When that dialogue invites one to explore it, to circle it, peer down the spout, to try to finish the unseen sentences contained within the teapot, under the lid or foot. That is magic!
Pottery holds decoration and I am motivated to decorate, to emblazen surface with color. Therefore, function provides a context within which to work. It is the framework which allows me to explore and re-investigate formal and subjective ideas about shape as color rather than form. And, it is the clay that reminds me of my initial attraction to the material; simply that it moves and adapts and becomes in one's hand.