A physician now retired, Ted Johnson began painting 10 years ago. His understanding of color and design, and appreciation of nature give him a depth that expands past his time creating fine art. "I like watercolor paper, the unpredictability of interaction of water and pigments, and enjoy exploring the wide spectrum of approaches to watercolor painting."

He returned to his birthplace of Maine for the first 25 summers of his life. It was there that he gained great admiration for the beauty of a northern landscape environment. this admiration is partly responsible for his coming to Minnesota for a professional life in Medicine. He also enjoys time in the BWCA, skiing, and sailing Lake Superior, the Latter of which has given rise to a special interest in painting seascapes.
ted has had a life long interest in art, and now takes advantage of the many opportunities to study watercolor with professionals who are open to share their philosophy, techniques and experience. He has studied in workshops with Karyln Holman, Frank Webb, Tony Couch, William Vrscak, Eric Weigardt, and Cheng Khee Chee.