I have been painting for approximately 18 years. Most recently I have been working in acrylic paints. My work is displayed at various galleries in Minnesota. Publishers of my work include Pomegranate Publishers and Marcell Schurman. My paintings have also been commissioned for various private collections throughout the country. The inspiration of my art comes from my family, my horses, nature and other artists. I firmly believe one must be creative to be happy.

My mother is a painter, my father an entrepreneur, and my brother a world renowned photographer. I have a sister that sings like an angel and two sisters who creatively beautify homes for a living. I have been surrounded by creativity since I was born.

I live in the town of Duluth, Minnesota located on the great Lake Superior. I am fortunate to have a wonderful family consisting of three beautiful children, a supportive husband, a little maltese dog and three majestic horses.