Motivated by the desire to render the human figure with greater speed and accuracy I went back to school at mid-career for the academic training I found lacking in my undergraduate degree. Two years of study required to earn MFA in painting at the New York Academy of Art has served to solidify my conviction that the human form is essential to the art I want to make.

My work combines the figure with still life, landscape, and interiors. The figures do not exist in a void because we are shaped by our environments, physically and psychologically. The images of my family and friends are portraits, but also serve as metaphors for all people in their search for meaning, fulfillment and beauty in the modern world. Content and story are important elements of my vision, but just as important is the physical application of the paint. Color, shape, texture, and craft are essential elements in the beautiful objects I want my paintings to be. My recent series of "Mirror Lake" paintings play with our conception of reality. The toys I place on a mirror take on a life of their own, like actors on a stage. What we see in a mirror is a reflection or illusion, just as the paintings are an illusion or reflection of my ideas.